Marco Island Bridge

Marco Island, Florida

SGA was interested in the value of creating a point of pride for Marco island, to produce something sculptural, highly refined and thought-out. It enhances the city's reputation as a place of quality and sophistication. The Marco Island bridge is unique, symbolizing Marco Island's reputation as a place of quality and sophistication. 

The need for getting a lot of utilities across in a practical manner resulted in the opportunity to create spaces for transparency through structural glass, to allow for the filtering of daylight to pedestrian passageways beneath the bridge.

The need for excellent durability in a harsh salt-air environment has become an opportunity to juxtapose steel and concrete in interesting ways.

The need for a bridge in each direction has created an opportunity to create an embracing gateway effect for travelers arriving by automobile.

The sailboat, bird, and fish forms of the environment of Marco island became central inspiration in refining the design concept.



Year: 2009
Scope of Work: Feasibility Study, Preliminary Design