Ygnacio Valley Road Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge

Walnut Creek, California

Preliminary findings indicate that a bridge serving bicycles and pedestrians who desire to cross Ygnacio Valley Road to access to the Walnut Creek BART station can: a) be constructed at a cost near the low end of the cost range for similar projects in the Bay Area, b) be attractive and easy enough to use that it would generally be favored over crossing at-grade.

Four alternative alignments were considered using a base map created by combining a recent conceptual development plan for the BART property (provided by Jeff Ordway at BART), and an aerial and base map (provided by Carlton Thompson at the City of Walnut Creek.) 

Alignment A was selected for further study because our preliminary assessment indicates it is the most feasible and cost-effective alternative. Ygnacio Valley Road is depressed by approximately 10 feet relative to adjacent development where it passes under the BART tracks. This results in a lower bridge structure and savings of about half the length of ramping structure that would otherwise be required. A lower bridge structure also reduces wind and seismic loading and associated foundation costs.


Year: 2012-2013
Scope of Work: Feasibility study, Land use alternatives, Multi-modal station access and connectivity report, Pedestrian bridge alternatives, Draft preferred alternative preparation
Client: The Planning Center DC&E  
Agencies Involved: DC&E