BART Station Bicycle Parking Facility and Realignment of Ohlone Greenway Multi-use Trail

El Cerrito, CA

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission granted funds to the City of El Cerrito to develop a bicycle parking facility at the El Cerrito Plaza BART station. The City desired more than just bike parking; it wanted a landmark design statement as well. In 1999 Steven Grover & Associates was retained to provide architectural and engineering design services.

The City desired to provide bicycle parking that encourages bicycle use by being:

· More secure than just bike racks - so that bikes will not be stripped of components,

· Available on-demand, rather than only by long-term rental,

· Visible and attractive - so that people are actively reminded of the option of biking.

The roof structure design employs a shimmering flexible glazing material and a three-hinged arch framing system from laser-cut steel to create a light and elegant linear structure which contrasts with the heavy linear concrete structure of the BART station and elevated rail system.


Status: Construction Completed in 2005
Cost: $320,000
Scope of Work: Architecture, Structural, Engineering, Public Process, Bike/Ped Trail Design
Client: City of El Cerrito 
Agencies Involved:  City of El Cerrito Community Development Department